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2023 Talent Health Index: Holistic Guide To Talent Success [eBook]

By admin Dec1,2023

How To Assess Your Talent Health Today

Well-trained, skilled, and experienced employees are the key to long-term success. But is your current L&D program helping or hindering their growth? The 2023 Talent Health Index by Cornerstone People Research Lab outlines the critical elements of a comprehensive talent development program and sheds light on the most common obstacles that organizations must overcome to build a thriving workforce.

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2023 Talent Health Index: Your Holistic Guide To Talent Success

Discover where your talent strategy stands today as well as proven techniques to evaluate and enhance it to overcome challenges and fortify your organization’s vitality.

Why Ongoing Talent Development Is The Differentiating Factor

Understanding that ongoing training and skill-building programs are integral is what sets top organizations apart from the rest. It doesn’t just help you attract qualified candidates but retain employees who have the expertise you need to address challenges and stay competitive in your industry. Employees also know that you value their ongoing development because you’re investing in training resources to improve job performance and bridge gaps. This makes them more likely to actually engage in L&D and strive to do their best rather than merely going through the motions to tick boxes. However, in order to accomplish all of this, you must know where your strategy is today and what you need to do to nurture talent and prioritize your to-do list.

About This eBook

How can you assess the current state of your talent health? What can you do to ensure your employees have the support and growth opportunities they need? Here’s a brief glimpse of what you’ll find in this guide:

  • How Talent Development Is Dramatically Changing
  • A Deeper Look: Understanding The Talent Health Index
  • The State Of Today’s Talent Health Programs
  • Skilling Challenges: Present, Persistent, And Addressable
  • Your Holistic Guide For A Fit Talent Future
  • Take The Next Steps To Nurture Your Talent Health: Analyze, Advise, And Prioritize

Get Your Copy

Download 2023 Talent Health Index: Your Holistic Guide To Talent Success today to diagnose underlying issues, fill gaps, and overcome training challenges.

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