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Accessibility In Online Learning: Creating Easy-To-Use Content

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Exploring The Importance Of Accessibility In Online Learning

With external distractions, significant workloads, and busy schedules, the last thing your learners need is eLearning accessibility roadblocks standing in the way of their development. This guide highlights why every organization should focus on accessibility in online learning, as well as how you can create inclusive learning experiences for your team.

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How To Create Accessible eLearning Content

Discover practical tips on how to make every part of your course—from text and pictures to quizzes and interactions—clear and easy to use.

Why Accessible Learning Content Is Beneficial For Every Member Of Your Team

One of the most common misconceptions about accessible eLearning is that its sole focus is creating content for learners with special needs or complying with compliance regulations. However, developing eLearning courses that use clear, concise language and have hurdle-free interactivity is beneficial for everyone and leads to greater knowledge retention. As a result, employees are more productive on the job and better equipped to take on everyday challenges. For instance, choosing legible fonts ensures that your learners can get the information they need and apply the key takeaways in the real world immediately instead of trying to decipher complicated fonts or small text sizes. Another prime example of this is avoiding text in images. Not only does this help learners who use screen readers, but it also allows other members of your learning audience to zoom in without having to contend with blurred text.

About This eBook

What are the common characteristics of an accessible eLearning course? How can you develop content that offers equal L&D opportunities? Here’s a quick glimpse of what you’ll find in this ultimate guide by iSpring Solutions:

  • What Is Accessible eLearning?
  • Why Accessibility In Online Learning Is Important
  • What Are Accessibility Standards?
  • How To Make eLearning Content Accessible

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Download How To Create Accessible eLearning Content today to uncover practical tips that will help you design learning experiences that are engaging and inclusive for all.

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