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How Can Businesses Give Back This Holiday Season?

By admin Dec6,2023

How Can Businesses Give Back This Holiday Season?

Christmas is fast approaching, reminding us once again of the significance of giving back to our community. Businesses often use this time of the year to ramp up their philanthropic efforts to try to make a difference in the world. Apart from that, charitability can increase engagement and create stronger connections between employees. But how can businesses give back in a way that is meaningful and impactful? In this article, we have gathered 6 ideas that will help you change your community for the better.

6 Simple Ways To Be Charitable This Christmas Season

1. Donate To A Worthy Cause

There are countless charitable organizations performing meaningful work, and some of them are bound to be closer to the values that you or your employees support. Gather your top choices in a document and vote for the one that you believe most deserves your donations. Then, ask employees to donate as much as they want, and make sure to match the sum at the end. This way, you accomplish much more than helping your community. You also show that your company is committed to being socially responsible.

2. Organize Your Own Charity Event

Organizing charity events is another impactful way in which businesses can give back to their communities. There are many examples of fundraising events, from fashion galas and silent auctions to trivia nights. You can opt for something simpler as well, such as adding a “Donate” call to action on your website for your audience and clients or participating in events organized by other companies that support causes included in your CSR agenda. Apart from being beneficial to your community and society as a whole, these actions also foster a sense of unity and goodwill among your employees, which can contribute to their engagement and job satisfaction.

3. Volunteer Your Services

Businesses that want to make an impact in their community use their personal time to show up for people in need and provide them with their products or services free of charge. This charitable action can vary depending on the industry you work in, but no matter what you do, you will find people who need your support. For example, you can offer your products to families in need and give legal, financial, or any type of support to small businesses or NGOs.

4. Encourage Employee Volunteering

It’s one thing for businesses to say that they want their employees to volunteer and another to actively support it. If you want your staff to participate in volunteering activities, you must allot some company time to them. Allow your staff to take a half or full day off to go to their local shelters, food banks, or community centers so that they don’t exhaust themselves trying to make time for everything. Even if your team is remote, you can encourage them to visit their local centers and share their experience with the team. This way, you enhance employee relationships and emphasize the significance of giving back to the community.

5. Change To Sustainable Practices

Considering the needs of the community and giving back must not be something businesses do only around the holidays. What would be best is embracing an approach that brings about long-term changes. This means identifying any practices with an adverse environmental impact and changing them for the better, e.g., using environmentally conscious packaging, supporting fair trade, employing energy-saving measures, etc. Even if your business operates primarily online, access to the internet can significantly contribute to carbon emissions. So, make sure to do your part for the future of the planet and donate to organizations that run projects to offset your carbon footprint.

6. Be Generous To Your Employees

Giving back should not be limited to your community. Your employees are your most valuable allies, and they must know that. Use the holiday season as the perfect opportunity to show them how much you appreciate them and all the work they put into the success of your organization. You can do that by giving them a raise or holiday bonus, extra time off, a gift, or hosting a party, among others. Most importantly, don’t forget to pair these perks with some honest words of gratitude and appreciation. They will be pivotal in making your staff feel supported and valued.


Christmas is a great time for businesses to give back not just to their community but also to their employees. With ideas such as the ones we explored in this article, you can raise money for worthy causes regardless of whether you are a small or big business. Everyone can find a way to be generous towards the people around them and make a difference in their direct community. Not to mention that the more you involve your employees in these charitable activities, the more they engage with each other and your organization.

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