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Choosing the perfect audio to accompany your latest Instagram Reel is an art, not a science. Still, opting for a trending sound or music clip could provide the boost you need to get your video on the Reels feed or Instagram Explore page

But where to find them? If you always feel like you’re chasing the tail-end of audio trends on the app, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll guide you through all the methods you can use to find the most popular music and sounds on Instagram before they drop off the charts. 

Look out, TikTok: Instagram is on a mission to make its video editing tools the best of the bunch. They’ve rolled out a host of updates in recent months to improve their in-app Reels editor (I’m still living for their Instagram templates). In November 2023, they added a feature that may be even handier: a way to see trending songs and sounds when you edit your video

Follow the steps below to get, as Instagram puts it, “the top 50 tracks with a sharp rise in Reels usage over the past three days.” There you have it: piping hot trending audio for Reels content, fresh out of the oven.

Here’s how:

  • Tap the Create (+) button at the bottom of your screen in the Instagram app.
  • Choose REEL from the bar at the bottom.
  • Tap the Trending button at the top of the screen — it should be between the camera/drafts and audio tab. (Note that this new feature is still being rolled out, so it might be available to you yet. Sit tight — it should land in your app soon!)

If the most popular songs on Instagram’s trending Reels audio list don’t quite work for your planned video, it’s worth scrolling through the Reels feed for audio that might be more aligned with your niche. Yes, scrolling is a crucial step in content creation (even if you become so absorbed in the scroll that you forget what you were looking for — it happened to me many times while writing this article). 

Think of your Reels feed as a Reels Explore page — unique to you and the best place to find trending Reels from content creators you follow and those you don’t, based on your behavior (this is how Instagram’s algorithm works). 

Pay attention to the other clips gaining traction in your niche — it’s a great place to source Instagram Reels trends and ideas and make the most of Instagram Reels templates, too.

Here’s how to find trending Reels:

  1. In the Instagram app, tap on the Reels video icon on the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Find a Reel with a sound you like, then tap on the artist and title (next to the little music note) on the bottom left of the video.
  3. This will take you over to the audio page. Here, you’ll find how many times the sound has been used, where the Reel sound originally came from, plus all the other videos it’s been featured in and how many views they have. 


Pro tip: If you don’t want to use the audio in a video right now, save it for later by tapping the little bookmark icon on the bottom right. You’ll find all the sounds you’ve saved in the Create Reel space by tapping the little music note icon you would usually use to find your sounds. Just tap Saved above all the music Instagram is recommending for you.

Instagram’s search feature

While this method of finding trending sounds on Instagram isn’t quite fool-proof, it’s a great way of exploring outside the content Instagram is recommending to you.

  1. Tap on the magnifying glass at the bottom of the app to head over to the Explore/Discover page.
  2. Tap the search bar at the top of the page to type a phrase like “trending audio.” You could even opt for something more specific to the video you plan to post, like “spring clean” or “morning routine,” to see what other creators have used for similar videos. 
  3. It’s worth tapping on both the Audio and Tags filters at the top of the results and scrolling through those on offer.

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