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Jarvo, famous for Kohli clash, claims he pranked UEFA Euro draw with sex noises

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The UEFA Euro 2024 draw was plunged into controversy on Saturday as the event was interrupted by apparent sexual noises in Hamburg. The prank was allegedly done by famous prankster Jarvo, who left Manchester City legend David Silva embarrassed on live broadcast.

Jarvo69 reportedly pranked the UEFA Euro 2024 draw with sexual noises.

The alleged sexual noises were clearly heard for several minutes during the ceremony and it started off when former Spain midfielder Silva was on stage and picking out draws. He could be seen trying his best to keep a straight face, while Denmark legend Brian Laudrup couldn’t stop smiling while drawing the names out.

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Since then, Jarvo has taken responsibility for the prank and also posted a video on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, to reveal that it was him who did it. In the past, the prankster had done something similar to a BBC live coverage of the FA Cup round match between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Liverpool. He posted a similar video on YouTube, which was titled, ‘We Pranked Wolves vs Liverpool FA Cup sex sound.’

In the video, he could be seen talking to someone on the phone while live coverage of the match on the TV was behind him. Then suddenly sexual noises burst out in the studio and he started laughing. England legend Gary Linekar, who was on sir, said, “I don’t know who’s making that noise,” while trying to hold it together.

Later on, Linekar revealed that someone had kept a secret mobile phone in the studio. In the past, Jarvo gained his fame in 2021 after invading three of India’s cricket matches against England. Then in October this year, he made his maiden appearance outside England, and his World Cup debut as well after he breached the security at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai for the India vs Australia World Cup league stage match.

Pictures of Jarvo invading the pitch went viral, and he could be seen having a chat with Virat Kohli, who didn’t seem happy with his antics. Jarvo was then escorted out of the ground by security personnel.

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