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Jeep’s first EV is the 600 horsepower, 300-mile-range Wagoneer S

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Enlarge / Jeep is ready to join the electric SUV fray with the new Wagoneer S, which goes on sale later this year.


The Jeep brand has finally debuted its first purpose-built electric vehicle. It’s targeting the hotly contested SUV segment with the new Wagoneer S, which goes on sale this fall. But other than its name, it shares little with the gasoline-powered Wagoneer; the Wagoneer S uses the same EV architecture—called STLA Large—as the forthcoming electric Dodge Charger.

It looks like Jeep is using a similar playbook to Dodge and Ram as it introduces its electric models: Give them the same name and styling as a familiar bestseller to keep customers comfortable, then give them serious power output and some headline-grabbing numbers to generate a halo effect.


That’s why the Jeep Wagoneer S Launch Edition will offer 600 hp (447 kW), 617 lb-ft (837 Nm), and a 0–60 mph (0-98 km/h) time of 3.4 seconds. It’s powered by a 100.5 kWh battery pack with nickel manganese cobalt chemistry operating at 400 V.

Jeep said that’s sufficient for at least 300 miles (482 km) of range on a single charge, which is far from the 4.3 miles/kWh (6.9 kWh/100 km) that parent company Stellantis said it was targeting for US-bound EVs when it originally announced the STLA Large platform. Despite the size of the pack, it should fast-charge quite rapidly, going from 5–80 percent state of charge in just 28 minutes (20–80 percent takes 23 minutes, we’re told).

Don't expect to get access to the Tesla Supercharger network.
Enlarge / Don’t expect to get access to the Tesla Supercharger network.


Native J3400 ports won’t show up until model-year 2026, so it’s CCS1 for the time being. When Stellantis announced it was adopting the Tesla-style J3400 port, it made no mention of having negotiated access to the Tesla Supercharger network, and the Wagoneer S reveal is similarly silent on the matter.

Each Wagoneer S axle is driven by a permanently excited electric motor rated at up to 335 hp (250 kW), and the front drive unit can be disconnected by a clutch for better efficiency. Befitting an SUV wearing the Jeep name, it features a range of on- and off-road drive modes.

According to the spec sheet, this is the most aerodynamic vehicle ever to wear the Jeep badge, albeit with a drag coefficient of 0.29 that’s merely average when compared to other electric SUVs.

Not cheap

If you were expecting a bare-bones cheap Jeep EV, you’ll have to keep waiting. Jeep invented the entire concept of a luxury SUV with the original Wagoneer in 1963, and it says this new Wagoneer S evolves the brand “with a new embrace of technology, luxury, and innovation.”

The Launch Edition—which starts at $71,995 and is eligible for the full $7,500 IRS clean vehicle tax credit—comes with a lot of equipment standard, including heated and ventilated seats in the front and back, a 19-speaker McIntosh sound system, and a bevy of screens that include the main instrument display, the main infotainment screen, an infotainment screen for the front passenger, and a fourth screen for the climate controls.

But in keeping with the increased social responsibility that comes with building EVs, the interior uses synthetic leather instead of cow hides, and the headliner and carpets are made from recycled materials.

“The launch of the all-electric Jeep Wagoneer S marks a new chapter in the storied history of the Jeep brand,” said Jeep CEO Antonio Filosa. “Building upon nearly a century of innovation and design, this first global EV will introduce a whole new generation of owners to an experience that is distinctly Jeep and 100 percent electric in every way. With new energy in the Jeep vehicle lineup, ranging from EV to V8, customers have never had more freedom to choose their own adventure.”

Trailhawk concept

Since the Jeep name is synonymous with off-road activity, the company also showed off a Trailhawk concept of the Wagoneer S. This “showcases what the all-electric Jeep Wagoneer S lineup is truly capable of, whether cornering tight turns with ease or traversing new ground off the beaten path,” Filosa said.

There’s lifted suspension for better ground clearance and a more aggressive off-road look, with body cladding protecting the Jeep’s lower extremities. The interior features a grab bar for the front passenger to hold onto while the EV negotiates steep angles, or for you to mount gear onto. There’s also a meteorite-inspired stone veneer on the dash and an octagonal steering wheel with “tactical-inspired grip section[s]” at the 9 and 3 positions.

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