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Just graduated from college? Follow these job-hunting tips from a career expert.

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Most of the 4 million students who are graduating from college in the U.S. this year will face a challenging labor market as they search for their first jobs.

On the bright side, 32% of all the job openings posted on LinkedIn are for entry-level positions, meaning suitable for candidates with little or no work experience. For young job seekers, meanwhile, the mission will be to stand out from the crowd both on paper and in job interviews. 

“The first thing is have an open mind. The job market is going to be a little bit tough. So what you may have thought your career path was going to be right out the gate may change,” LinkedIn career expert Catherine Fisher told CBS News.

That means freshly minted grads should consider positions in a variety of fields and geographic locations, she noted. Another top tip Fisher offered is one that applies no matter the market conditions. 

“You also want to really work on that network,” she said. “Network should be your full-time job until you get a job. But never give up on networking, even when you get that job.”

While graduates who are just beginning their careers may not have many professional contacts, reaching out to professors, coaches and even classmates is a good way to get started. 

What can recent college graduates do to find employment?


More generally, when it comes to entering the working world, grads should get comfortable with the idea that they’ll be doing many things for the first time, Fisher said. “You’re going to have to write your first resumé, you’re going to have your first interview, you’re going to have so many firsts, it’s going to be challenging. Get used to it.”

Being open-minded and adopting what Fisher called a “growth mindset” can also go a long way in any job hunt. Your first job doesn’t have to be a perfect fit; rather it could be a stepping stone to something better. 

Not surprisingly, employers are increasingly looking for candidates with artificial intelligence skills, or at the very least comfort level working with AI tools. 

“We hear it all the time,” she said. 

Be flexible on location

By contrast, grads shouldn’t necessarily pin their hopes on landing a job in New York City, San Francisco or other major cities. 

“Maybe you’re going to end up in Arizona. Tucson is hiring a lot, so we’re seeing lots of entry-level jobs there,” Fisher said. She identified Gainesville and Tallahassee, both in Florida, as other hot spots for entry level jobs at large employers. 

As far as interviewing tips, Fisher advised focusing on your strengths, not your weaknesses. 

“A lot of these companies will give you the training, and your skills are probably transferrable. So make sure you’re really playing up the skills that you have that they’re looking for,” Fisher said. 

And practice, practice, practice. 

“Be really creative in terms of that storytelling. Get your story down pat, practice with friends,” Fisher said. “Think about how do you communicate that you’re a great communicator.”

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