Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Botany Manor is an enigmatic puzzle adventure game that tasks players with solving riddles to grow plants within a mysterious estate. The game first raised eyebrows during its reveal at a Nintendo Direct last November, and we can exclusively reveal that it’s arriving next spring.

Players control Arabella Greene, a retired botanist looking to bring life back to her massive collection of rare, long-lost plants. Doing this involves exploring a giant 19th-century manor in search of clues, notes, and other items to uncover the proper methods and conditions to make her plants grow. This involves finding the ideal habitats to place seedlings, for example, which may require some creative problem-solving and mature plants have mysterious qualities. 

As players find and examine clues, they’ll also learn about the ups and downs in Arabella’s life, both personally and professionally. Overall, the game has a peaceful atmosphere accented by a calming presentation and a pleasant soundtrack. Botany Manor is the debut title by the small team at Balloon Studios and is published by Whitehorn Games. 

Botany Manor is coming to Xbox consoles, Switch, and PC. It will also launch day one on Xbox Game Pass.

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