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Startup founder sent cold email to Nithin Kamath, here’s what Zerodha CEO did

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Zerodha CEO and co-founder Nithin Kamath is known to promote and back lucrative startups, expanding his portfolio every year. Recently, an entrepreneur named Dilip Kumar shared the story of how Kamath invested in his company.

A startup founder sent a cold email to Zerodha CEO Nithin Kamath, asking for investment.

Kumar, narrating the story on X, wrote that he had dropped a cold email to Nithin Kamath, reaching out to him out of the blue without any prior connections. The entrepreneur was left stunned when a reply from the Zerodha CEO popped up in just 10 minutes.

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Dilip Kumar, the founder of startup ImStrong, posted a series of tweets about the early days of his company. He said that he was unfamiliar with the process of fundraising, and eventually decided to reach out to Kamath.

Kumar wrote on X, “Most entrepreneurs feel asking for help is a sign of weakness. But my biggest realization is, it’s actually a superpower.” He said that he knew no one in the venture capital and no angel investor.

The only thing i knew was sending cold emails 🙂 Most landed no response but some good folks did reply. So, i sent a cold email to @Nithin0dha. I expected it to land no response. But in 10 mins, I got a reply. In 2 days, I got an investment offer.”

How Nithin Kamath kickstarted Kumar’s company

ImStrong founder Dilip Kumar shared the screenshots of the email trail where he interacted with Nikhil Kamath regarding his company. To analyse the workings of the company, Kamath signed on as a user of the app.

In the screenshot of the tweets, Nikhil Kamath can be seen giving his review for the ImStrong platform, with him and his wife Seema Patil trying out the platform for themselves. Withing two days of this email exchange, Kamath gave an investment offer to Kumar.

As an advice to all young entrepreneur, Kumar wrote on X, “Whatever you are building, don’t shy away from asking —Asking customers to try the product. Asking potential candidates to join the team. Asking investors for money. Asking random people for suggestions or feedback.”

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