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Vintage Animation Shooter Mouse Gets New Gameplay Trailer And 2025 Release Window

By admin Dec13,2023

Mouse, an upcoming classic first-person shooter sporting a vintage rubber hose animation style, turned heads in May with its first look at gameplay. Although that initial showing was very much a work in progress, today’s video offers a more polished look at what’s to come.

The noir game stars a private-eye rodent cleaning up his corruption-riddled city by using his trusty tommy gun to mow down scores of mouse gangsters in cartoonishly violent fashion. Additionally, we get a look at other lethal methods such as tossing dynamite, shooting down pianos to crash on top of foes, or just knocking goons’ heads off with a good punch. Between all of that, the mouse protagonist consumes spinach and tea for presumably health while engaging in other activities such as collecting baseball cards and chatting with characters.

Mouse is the debut title from developer Fumi Games, and the trailer (courtesy of IGN) ends with the reveal of a 2025 release window. 

Mouse is slated to come to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC. It joins the growing ranks of confirmed 2025 titles such as Grand Theft Auto VI, Monster Hunter: Wilds, Big Walk, Usual June, and Pony Island 2: Panda Circus.

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